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Contemporary Art Institute

Higher Education Building
Raleigh, NC

Comprehensive Architecture Studio

Design a higher-education building with a provided program that serves as an extension to the program of the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) in downtown Raleigh.

As the Institute for the Contemporary Art Museum, an aesthetic bridge was needed to span the significant distance of the site from the Museum itself. This was accomplished by adopting and reinterpreting the Museum’s iconic faceted roof. Instead of 2-dimensional deformations to a pure shape, the Institute is shaped by making 3-dimensional deformations of a pure prism, a flexible sculpting rule with which to create many different features. This faceted surface is sculpted in a way to create features on the building’s inside and outside simultenously, such as egress and an auditorium, structure and daylighting, or a gallery and program delineation. The volume cantilevers over the front of the site to put its eccentric interior on display to the public outside. Underneath, a dynamic terrace of concrete and vegetation meanders to fuse with the adjacent landscape. The bold form of the Institute is meant to inspire and reflect the artistic talent incubating within.