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Mobiles Wohnzimmer

Mobile Parklet
Stuttgart, Germany
Landscape Planning Course
Nicklas Pfrommer
Ali Haji
Daria Patlai
My Tran Thi Ha
Simon Grothkopp
Simon Kübler

The Mobile Parklet was a response to a class prompt to design and build an installation that could occupy a parking space in the city while providing a social benefit. While discouraging vehicular use by consuming parking, the parklet also encourages bicycle use by providing a suite of maintenance tools for public use. The parklet was also made as a mobile unit in order to abide by legal concerns of an installation permanently consuming a parking space, this way it can simply be moved ot another space while remaining within the law. The parklet is designed to function both as an assembled unit on the mobile platform as well as split apart into individual pieces which can adapt to the urban context of wherever it happens to be. These pieces can function as a bicycle repair station, a public message board, outward-facing shaded seating, and inward-facing vegetated seating. When all pieces are disbursed, the mobile platform can also function as a stage for miscellaneous events.