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the Nested Veil

Interactive Garden
Quebec, Canada
International Garden Festival
Felix De Rosen

Nested Veil offers a series of colorful, transparent rooms that frame the inherent magic of the Grand-Métis forest. Using the existing trees as supports, arrays of 5 millimeter colored hemp ropes create permeable walls that visitors can move through and play with. These ropes are biodegradable and can be composted at the end of the festival. Nested Veil’s ultimate form is entirely dependent on the arrangement of trees on the site. In this sense, it is a collaboration between its designers and the forest itself.

A sense of depth and disorientation emerges as the veils are animated by the overlap of their moving layers, framing the forest and ushering visitors. As visitors navigate deeper into the installation, spaces become more compact yet tall, drawing attention up towards the canopy. Permeable walls help negotiate the complicated social dynamics of the COVID pandemic by allowing people to see each other at all times and keep their distance. They enable an immense freedom of movement to stay clear of others outside of respective COVID bubbles while still creating enough separation to reduce the subtle social anxiety of the pandemic. The fundamental tension between concepts of connection and isolation are explored in the Nested Veil as a catalyst for redirecting our attention to the wonders of the environment around us, a place where we can find solace while our world wrestles with the disease.